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Works with virtually any tablet
Works on any surface
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  • No more arm strain or fatigue
  • No more stiff necks
  • Never drop your tablet again
  • Hold your tablet steady when you type
  • Reduce eye strain. Hold your tablet at a comfortable distance
  • Perfect for binge watching Netflix
  • Watch recipe videos hands free while cooking
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I LOVE this tablet stand. I have arthritis in my neck and back...and it is a MUST for me to have the tablet at eye level. I’ve used several other stands..but this is the easiest to adjust.
I ordered two more for family and friends...and am going to order one more for myself.


Gave it to my mom and she is enjoying it a lot! It is versatile, easy to handle, and the material is of good quality. She uses it with an iPad Pro and a case. She mainly uses it when going to bed, but also to watch movies in bed with her grandson.


Very practical, it does the job, holds tablet in place, you can turn in bed/sofa underneath it, the stretching string does not damage your tablet, I am very happy with the tablet holder, amazing what people can invent

J. Norman

I LOVE my “SPIDEY”. That’s my name for this handy device. I use it to read my kindle in bed. I have two that I keep in my two places I frequently travel to yearly. Packs easily enough as it folds and bends easily but afraid of forgetting it and not having it at the other end. Read often and like to lie down andthisenables me not to have to hold it up all the time. Sturdy and easily adjustable to different levels. 👍

Lovin’ life ‘20 RJ

Solid. Thick. Stays in place. Nice job guys. This is the 3rd one I bought ‘trying to save alittle $$’ and it ended up costing me. I bought ‘others’ from this site for cheaper and payed for it. They were GARBAGE!! Weak. Thin. Unsturdy. In this case I got what I payed for. This is PERFECT

Mary F Hess

Following a neck injury, I could not look down to read without pain. I am an avid reader and only read on my tablet. This device truly “saved my neck”! It is totally adjustable and stable even on uneven crumpled bed linens. I have a cover on my tablet and it fits snugly in the slots, so I don’t need the strap to hold it in place. Highly recommend this product!

Mr quick fix.

This thing is awesome. Holds my tablet very well, with 3 choices for a start position.
The legs are easy to configure, and stay in that configuration.


I use this daily to watch movies in bed or in the kitchen while cooking. I have two of them. I have an adjustable bed and I can make this work regardless of mattress position. 

M. Co

I never write reviews unless the product is really bad, but this product is so so good I had to write a review. The only downside is I have to take off my case every time I use it. But it is so good I can overlook that.


This unit is soooo study, stable and adjustable!!! Unlike other devices, this one won't tip over if you move in the bed. Whether for private or shared viewing; it WORKS!!! I couldn't be happier with the Tablift Tablet Stand. Thank you for providing such a great device.

Patricia B.

I absolutely love my stand. It makes using my tablet in bed so easy! The only thing that happens once in a while when I am pressing on the keyboard to hard it will flip out of the bungee cord holder. But I will buy these as needed as long as they are around!


I am very happy with my purchase. I wanted something that could securely hold an iPad. This works perfectly. The legs are very well built. I needed to be able to adjust the stand and have more stability than a lap pillow. I highly recommend the nbryte tablet stand.

Sue E

This is exactly what I was looking for. Our small pup is on my lap whenever I’m in in the recliner. The legs of this tablet stand are long enough and adjustable enough for him to lie under it. My iPad Pro fits in the slots perfectly with my current case on and I am able to set the cover in the slot behind the iPad so it doesn’t dangle down on the dog. The legs are easy to position and stay in that position until I move them. How much clearance above the lap would depend on the size of the person. I’m fairly small

Patented Design & Unique Features

Works With Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, Lenovo & Asus

Note To iPad Pro Owners

Tablift works with all iPads. It will hold smaller iPads in portrait and landscape mode. Tablift holds the iPad Pro in landscape only. We have sold thousands of tablift units to owners of iPad Pros. Recently, in a small minority of situations (less than 1% of iPad Pro users), we have received some reports that the tablift left small indentations on the back of the iPad. This did not affect functionality, but it did leave small marks. In order to prevent this from happening, we suggest that you use a slim hard case while using your iPad Pro with the tablift. This will prevent any marks from being made. With over 250,000 Tablifts sold, we have had ZERO reports of this issue with any other iPad or any other tablet brand or model. So if you have an iPad Pro, and want to get a hard case to prevent this, the case must be less than 10mm in thickness in order to fit into the Tablift slots.

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