I have been using my tablift now for over a week in all different types of situations. The tablift really is a great way to relieve your hands to do something else other than holding your i-pad!!! Great construction of the tablift. There are so many different configurations to use the tablift with the way the legs fold and unfold.
 ~Stan K. (St. Charles, MO)

Works perfect good and solid hold on my iPad and the versatility is great. Just goes to prove that a simple design makes for an excellent result.
~Chris R. (Ontario, Canada)
GREAT JOB!! This is an excellent product.
~Francine M. (Tampa, FL) 
Man! Lovin this thing! Excellent Quality product...I have the IPad 3 and it works great.
~James L. (Waukesha, WI)
My new tablift arrived a few minutes ago! It was like Christmas came early. The bendable legs are sturdy and nicely form to the exact placing I want (depending on my body orientation). Much love and thanks for your time and work put into tablift. It's a wonderful success!
~Brendan, V (Milwaukee, WI)

You have no idea what this product has done for my mother, she loves it as well as I do. My mother suffers from a lot of pain in her hands and had to hold her iPad, and could not enjoy the iPad's benefits, but the tablift solved her problem and I am happy it did. To me, it is priceless. I cannot begin to thank you for the tab lift, it is AWESOME!!!! Thanks a million.

~Mayra (Princeton, FL)
While waiting for the tablift to be produced I bought another stand... But now that one is just collecting dust. Great job.
 ~Alfie Y. (Singapore)
At first I thought it wasn't going to work for me. Then a few days ago I thought, "Well, I'll use it as a stand to watch tutorials lying down." I have severe lumbar pain and had spinal surgery, so often I have to stop working on my desktop computer & lie down. A regular laptop was never good for this. Now that I started using this with my iPad, I'm in love with it! I use it in a living room chair, in bed, outside on the adirondack. Having worked previously with disabled college students, I think DSPS (Disabled Student Programs & Services) departments should be investing in these since they can adjust to a variety of classroom contexts. It's making a huge difference for me & I want to thank you for creating it.
 ~Jennifer G. (Montebello, CA)
It is a great experience to use such a high quality and operational product! I would like to personnally thank you for this great idea of yours coming true!
 ~Dimitrios Z. (Athens, Greece) 
I have sponsored over 75 different projects on Kickstarter and 1000's of dollars...Your product the TabLift is my Favorite!!! I use it everyday and is the "BEST" Project that I have ever invested in....Thank You!
 ~Jim Wells (Fremont, CA)
I received my tablift on Wednesday. It's everything I had hoped it would be. Love to use it in the bed playing games or checking on Facebook.
~Jeri S (Bowling Green, KY)
Got my tablift! Am very happy with the build quality and it is worth the wait!
~Halina M. (Kedah, Malaysia)
I received my tablift a couple of days ago and just wanted to let you know it far exceeds my expectations ! From the quality of materials to its functionality, you and your team have hit one out of the park. Kudos!
~Don G. (Igo, CA)
Received mine today, the quality is great. I had to defend my purchase from my gf, she was saying how goofy it looked and she couldn't believe I backed this project. As I was demonstrating how it worked and the concept, she stopped giving me crap, and praised the tablift. Now, the chances of me getting to use it are slim. (I am typing this while using the tablift, the sturdiness is better than I anticipated, really great)
~James S (Charlotte, NC) 
I got my tablift today, and I love it! It is everything that I had hoped it would be. It's exactly what I was missing to enjoy using my iPad in bed to read and surf the web. Great job!
~Steven S. (Cerritos, CA)
Wow...very impressive! I was surprised by the weight and sturdiness of the tablift. This is no cheap piece of plastic. It's stable, high quality, and very cool. I was using an iPad mini now (thought my retina display was too heavy), but now I'm back to the full size iPad thanks to tablift. This accessory is the best thing I've purchased for my iPad--including a case. It is well-conceived and executed even better!!
~Randy H. (Tucson, AZ)
I received mine yesterday and use it on my bed, it's so good! Thanks!
~Nicolas H. (Thouars, France)
I generally use my iPad in bed to read, watch netflix and hulu, and general content consumption type stuff. The biggest problem by far was holding the ipad itself: it's too big and heavy to hold with one hand, and when you use two hands how do you navigate? It's a real problem, albiet a first world one. Letting it rest on my chest and just propping it up meant I couldn't see the bottom third of the screen without trying to bend my neck 90 degrees and somehow merge my chin with my sternum. Laying on your side means one arm is pinned down and one ear is covered. Purpose-built pillow props all position the ipad leaning away from your face and really only work sitting up. Suspension arm stands are big, expensive, and I have yet to see one that isn't either too stiff or too loose.
Then, while browsing kickstarter, I came across Tablift. It seemed perfect on paper, and so I bit the bullet and headed over to their website to purchase one. Lucky me, I discovered tablift at the end of a nearly year-long fundraising and development cycle, and I was able to place my order and have it shipped right away. It arrived this morning, and I'm beyond satisfied. The legs really do allow you to position the tablet anywhere, they provide a very sturdy platform, and allow perfect hands-free viewing. It holds my iPad 3 perfectly in both landscape and portrait, and holds my 4th generation kindle in portrait. Being my skeptical self, I opened up the base of the unit thinking I would discover some cheap, fragile, fiddly innards that would break within a month leaving me with a three legged piece of junk. Not so! The base itself is made of sturdy, thick plastic and the legs aren't 4 individual pieces- they're two long pieces with the base sandwiched over the middle. The band that holds the iPad in place isn't rubber like I thought it would be judging from the pictures- It's a very sturdy loop of elastic shock cord, and the clip is a one-piece molded part. There are no apparent points of failure on the tablift; it's a sturdy, functional, practical piece of equipment that fulfills a very distinct and until now vacant role in tablet use.
P.S- Also, it's plenty big. I've a 6'3", 220lb dude with a 48" chest circumference and the tablift arches over me just fine.

I am very pleased with the tablift you guys have succeeded and this is the best accessory I have owned for my iPad.

~Patrick (New York, NY)
Been using your tablift and its actually fantastic, one has to be careful of the weight of the ipad and the position of the back legs.   We love it use it every day and night, we have a 18 month baby and the baby camera has an ipad app and the tablift holds the ipad in the perfect position that I can sleep and look without getting up or moving, absolutely brilliant. Kids watching films on the ipad allows great positioning of the screen. Thanks for a great product.
~Mike S. (Anchorage, AK)
I'm so lovin my tablift...thanks guys!
~Bolito D. (Austin, TX)
I've been using my tablift pretty much on a daily basis in Korea, and actually brought it back with me to NY. I knew I had to bring it with me...and yep, I use it daily here as well. What a great product, I'm extremely satisfied with the tablift and very glad I took part in bringing the product to the market.
~Dewey (NY)
The tablift arrived yesterday and I just want to inform you how happy I am! Its exactly what I've hoped for. Because I have to lay flat to minimize the pain the tablift has the right height and the ability to tilt forward, so now I can relax my head and look straight forward. It's just fantastic! Thank you very much for this perfect product!
~Anneke (Zurich)