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Totally worth it. Now that I have this, I find myself using it around my home, all the time. So easy to use, and flexible and adaptable.
Sturdy, well made.
Desire: It would be nice if there were a way to adjust the strength/tightness of the elastic band - it is a bit tight on my larger tablet, but still works fine.

Margaret Bee

Everyone in the family has their own now! First one got one as a gift then everyone wanted one too. Great for reading, playing games, watching movies or YouTube. It saves your neck strain too. No more looking down at our tablets anymore. Absolutely love the bendable legs so I can get comfortable using it in almost any position.


Bought this for a grandson who has been bed bound for several months, and that will continue. He had been propping up his ipad on pillows, which meant lots of adjustments. This stabilized the ipad regardless of what position he was in the bed, and worked well also when he was in his wheelchaiir. This is an excellent product all the way around.

Dale james

I’ve had this stand for 2 1/2 years and use it nearly every day. I mostly use it to hold my iPad in bed while I read, play games, or shop. Lately, I’ve been carrying it to the living room to use when I’m watching TV. The flexible legs make it easy to adjust when I need to shift body position or make room for a dog, I’m seriously contemplating getting another one so I don’t have to carry it around.


This tablet stand has been a lifesaver, a sanity saver and one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. In fact, this is my second one so I know I will always have one when I want it and not need to remember to bring it with everywhere I go. I have an ipad Air and have never encountered any problems during the last year that I’ve had the stand. Holds the tablet securely but not dangerously tight. I can’t think of a single even slightly negative comment, only completely positive.

Kenneth O. Ewald

Great product, though the slots are a tad too deep and block some app icons when using my iPad in landscape attitude.

Relieves some arthritis pain by not having to hold the tablet.

Samille Jordan

This is a workable solution. It isn’t nearly as big as it seems in the pictures. It is tight across my middle and my husband would not be able to use it. I can use it with my case if I don’t connect the straps. The iPad Pro 12.5” fits well and is stable. It does fold well into a plastic holder, but it would be very heavy for flying. All in all, I am glad I found it.

M Chaddock

I bought this to use with my iPad mini. I am quite happy to discover that I can leave the iPad cover (from saddleback leather) on the iPad. The fit is snug enough that I do not need to use the securing strap, but not tight enough to damage my iPad... I hope. I haven’t had much time to use it yet, but I will definitely update this review if I run into any problems.


Just started using this and it appears to work better than other stands I've used. I have used it in bed, on the sofa, and in the kitchen while cooking. The three angles are perfect and the height keeps cooking splatters from reaching surfaces. One must remember that when moving from one spot or location to another to readjust the legs as the stand has a tendency to fold up when moved. I love the feature allowing me to use my electronic device while in bed. Time will tell how well the elastic clasp will keep things secured in this position. Absolutely love this stand so far. Gifted my neighbor with one and he seems as pleased as I am.

Moose Giannetti

This is a fabulous product. I have back problems and have to keep looking down when I’m using my iPad in bed. Not a good idea and very painful. This product lifts my iPad to the perfect level and I am able to use it with no problems. I highly recommend.

Vee Jay

Great product for pads! I found it not useful when laying in bed. Neck strain from propped on a pillow. Only a tiny person will fit under it anyway. Especially if covered with more than a sheet. But to use when sitting in a chair or recliner it’s super handy!


This is a great product I was skeptical but after using it in bed its awesome it really works. I don't have to hold my iPad in bed so much nicer than holding a heavy iPad when you are laying down or trying to relax.


This is super practical and makes holding a tablet so much easier when resting in bed. Great gift too. The legs are flexible but seem sturdy and well made.


Works just as described. Just received today and I am in love with it. I have been having neck problems and using this product has alleviated any pain while using mini iPad


I love this Tablift! I am a contractor overseas and I didn't want to buy a big tv for my room. I use this with my fire HD 8. I do have to take the case off but that's ok. I usually lay down in my bed and put a pillow on my lap to gain some height. Then I put the Tablift on top and enjoy a movie. I also sit upright on the couch and put the fire HD8 verticle into the Tablift to read a book. GREAT PRODUCT AND A GREAT PRICE!


My missus' uses this item when she is sitting in her recliner watching tv and connecting on Facebook with her friends. She has a lenovo 10" tablet and it fits perfect. It is very stable and she can sit there and not have to hold her tablet in her hand. It was a very good purchase and I do recommend this item.

Amazon Customer

This thing is so great! I've used it with both my pad and kindle. I use it for watching movies or reading in bed, on the couch and the craft room. It's awesome and I plan on giving as gifts.

Abdulaziz Abdullah Alyemni

i’m so happy with my purchase.. this stand is absolutely worth every penny!! its really amazing! the materials used for this product is premium.. i really liked how it fit my iPad pro.. i use it in bed and when i’m setting in my lazy boy chair and it fit all the positions perfectly without any shaking.. you can type and draw without fearing you make any mistake because it fits any place you’re using it in and never move.. BEST WISHES


This is the best tablet stand! The legs are very flexible, but sturdy and stable, whether you set on table while walking or reading in bed. It is easy to adjust for reading positions.

Kindle Customer

Works wonderfully when sitting in my Lazyboy when I want to lean back and watch something on the Kindle or get work done in comfort. The legs are adjustable to make sure unit is sturdy. There is a stretchy clip to keep a tablet in place. I use it for my iPhone as well, and the phone has a plastic OtterBox case.


It’s nice and adjustable. I’m a big girl... big hips and over 300 lbs. I was concerned that it wouldn’t be comfortable or fit over my lap. But it is awesome! I’m using it now 🙂


I like it to use with my samsung tablet as a music stand. i have all my music organized on an app. This is easy to pack up and carry along. Only drawback is the cord loses it's stretchiness fast and no longer secures the tablet. The tablet stays where it is without the cord as long as it is on a level stable surface. Also good for watching movies in bed but the cord is again the problem. The laptop stays without the cord and even if it fell, it's just a soft bed.


If you have a tablet, you need this to use it in bed comfortably. I have been looking for something like this for a loooooong time and this is exactly what allows me to comfortably watch stuff on my ipad or read a book without being constantly annoyed by wrist fatigue or position. I'm extremely pleased with this purchase. The item is solid and very well built. I had no issues with "chipping" or iPad damage at all. Whoever created this - you did good kid, you did good!


The best thing I've ordered in forever! I've had other stands, but I wanted an iPad stand for hanging around the pool. This one adjusts perfectly to fit a chaise lounge. And if (OK, when) you fall asleep the bungee-type clamp keeps your tablet secure and wiggle-free. It's also great on the kitchen island when following a new recipe. With 3 holding slots, finding the best viewing angle is easy. It seemed pricey, but it's well-made, sturdy, and versatile. Totally worth it.

Misty Robbins

I ordered this in anticipation of a shoulder surgery that would result in me not using my right arm for 12 weeks. This stand had worked perfectly to hold my tablet so I can use my left hand to operate it. Even after my recovery, I will still use the stand for watching movies and reading! Great purchase and definitely worth the money!

Christina Bechtold

The Tablift it’s a great product at an amazing price. I have an iPad Pro 10 1/2 inch and I did need to buy a different cover in order to be able to use this product. It works great. You can use it as I am showing in the photograph on a table for reading or streaming, or you can use it in bed as intended with the legs extended.
The Tablift is very sturdy and made of quality materials. I love it!

K. B.

this is great once you get the hang of it. I broke my tablet because I was carrying it around without holding the tablet and it came unhooked and fell on the tile. I use it over my lap and now unhook it before getting up. It holds my tablet up high enough and keeps mefrom hurting my shoulder. I Highly recommend it!

Roseanna T. Garibaldi

This is a great product, it can be used anywhere. The legs bend in any direction that you need depending on your surface the stand will sit upon. I take this with me in the car when travelling. Best product ever.

Ronald Schagrin

The person to whom we gave it to as a birthday gift wears glasses and was always adjusting them to read him iPad in bed. Now with the Tablet he reads and has both hands free. Great gift! Great item. Would definitely recommend.


After reading a few of the reviews I was worried about the possibility of black marks on my bed linen however it's been about two weeks of pretty much nightly use on a white duvet with no damage or markings whatsoever.

Justin nelson

We bought this for him to use while at dialysis. The stand is absolutely perfect it keeps the tablet level no matter what angle its at and is really easy to transport as well. Overall an amazing product I can definitely see him using it to travel or for lounging at home.


My wife loves this thing. With back pain she spends much time in bed or just sitting in the living room. She would use a small pillow to rest her phone or tablet on. This works so much better. The design, strength of legs, etc. are all just right. If you use a tablet in bed, you must buy this.


This is a very solid product, very well made and very well designed. The four sturdy, flexible legs give you all the control and flexibility you need. There are three slots on the top so you can choose any angle that works for you. There is a sturdy elastic clip to hold the top of your tablet in place, but in the end I don't use it, because the tablet sits in the slots securely enough by itself. I wish all products had this kind of quality!

Fernando Herrera

Realmente resulta incómodo encontrar una buena y cómoda posición para revisar los contenidos de una Tablet desde la comodidad de una cama o un sillón de descanso. Este artículo se adapta a cualquier tamaño y altura para colocar la Tablet en una posición adecuada para disfrutar más el contenido de una Tablet. Mur recomendable

Chris A

This is by FAR the best tablet holder I have used. I have an iPad Pro 11 and this thing holds it PERFECTLY! If you are looking for something to hold you iPad while you are lying down, this is it.

Tamera tawney

This was a gift for my husband who likes to stream movies while in his recliner. He always tried to prop his ipad up on pillows & it was always a struggle. He loves the tablet stand-uses it every night. He has been singing its praises to anyone who will listen.


This is my second one. The first one still works great but needed another for new IPAD. I think the material on the legs wears down some after long term use but I still think this product is great and can be used it all different types of ways. Would highly recommend.


My wife, who has arthritis in her hands reads her Japanese websites in bed, but can't hold her iPhone and iPad for longer than a minute or two before dropping it. The Tablift allows her to keep up with Japanese news every morning and evening. Well made and worth the cost.

Chris Sheehy

I really love this stand. My mother bought it for me for Christmas as I use my kindle every night before retiring. This enables me to use the kindle in a very comfortable way without getting a crick in my neck from looking down. There are 3 positions so you can use it comfortably anyway you sit or lay. I love it.


This tablet/phone stand is perfect for my uses. I can sit on the couch and not have to hold my iPad, my husband lies in bed and uses it for his iPad. Nice. I use it to hold my iPad when I'm reading recipes and cooking in the kitchen. Very versatile, because you can arrange it to any height, settle it around you in chairs or bed, and it's sturdy.