The tablift works with all iPad Pros, large (in landscape mode) and smaller sizes. We have sold thousands of tablift units to owners of iPad Pros. Recently, in a small minority of situations (less than 1% of iPad Pro users), we have received some reports that the tablift left small indentations on the back of the iPad. This did not affect functionality, but it did leave small marks. 

In order to prevent this from happening, we suggest that you use a slim hard case while using your iPad Pro with the tablift. This will prevent any marks from being made. We have had zero reports of this issue with any other iPad or any other tablet brand or model. 

So if you have an iPad Pro, and want to get a hard case to prevent this, the case must be less than 10mm in thickness in order to fit into the slots of the tablift.

This is one example of a case that would work for a iPad Pro 12.9, 2017